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1. The art and science of designing and erecting buildings. 2. Buildings and other large structures: the low, brick-and-adobe Articles and declension Articles. German nouns are either: masculine (the man), feminine (the street), or neuter (the hotel). This is shown by the articles or pronouns in front of the noun.

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Dezeen. 2017-11-14 1:1 workshop. 834 likes · 8 talking about this. [1:1] WORKSHOP je o skúsenosti s reálnou mierkou a s reálnym materiálom. Je určený pre študentov architektúry a dizajnu.

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architectuur; Descendants . Afrikaans: argitek; Indonesian: arsitek English translation of 'Architekt'. [arçiˈtɛkt] masculine noun , Architektin [-ˈtɛktɪn] feminine noun (lit, fig) Word forms: Architekt, Architekten genitive , Architekten plural Word forms: Architektin, Architektin genitive , Architektinnen plural.

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Architekt plural

50 951 Architekt 69 542 Plural. 69 543 Plus. 69 544 Pluto.

Declinação e plural de Architekt. A declinação do substantivo Architekt está no genitivo singular Architekten e no nominativo plural Architekten . O substantivo fraco Architekt é declinado com a terminação en/en.
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Architekt plural

OMNIA - The Plural of Energy | 342 Follower auf LinkedIn A new wave of energy advisors. | We are an expert-driven technical consultancy company with  Aug 26, 2020 In plural their declension endings are identical. In fact der Architekt, der Chaot, der Held, der Fotograf, der Herr, der Bauer, der Pilot, der Prinz  17. okt.

On ten dates between May and July, various lectures will be held on the topic. 2019-01-31 h2020,plural,lc-eeb-04-2020,zrs architekten gesellschaft vonarchitekten mbh(de),hsr hochschule fur technik rapperswil(ch),proigmenes erevnitikes & diahiristikes efarmoges(el),national technical university of athens - ntua(el),dimos varis - voulas - vouliagmenis(el),bergamo tecnologie spzoo(pl),agencia de l'habitatge de catalunya(es),fundacio institut de recerca de l'energia de catalunya(es 2020-08-20 Kranhaus ("crane house", plural Kranhäuser) refers to each one of the three 17-story buildings in the Rheinauhafen of Cologne, Germany. Their shape, an upside-down "L", is reminiscent of the harbor cranes that were used to load cargo from and onto ships, two of which were left standing as monuments when the harbor was redesigned as a residential and commercial quarter in the early 2000s. Mladý architekt o.z. June 24, 2020 ·. #mladyarchitekt #logo #brand #architecture #wildchildworld.
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Forming plural nouns in German. Nouns have three genders: masculine, feminine si neuter. The article for plural, for all nouns is “die”. 1. Adding of the suffixes (endings): -e, -er, - (e)n, and -s. 2. Changing of the vowels by adding “Umlaut” (Umlat = the two dots on top of a vowel, examples: ä, ö, ü) 3.

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